I finally asked the right people and they plan to update my username next week when everyone’s back at work after the GM. 


BDukes says it all

I asked Brooke for her sage advice. She said changing your super admin username is possible but not probable. 

The process: ask systems to change it. 

The issue: Everyone on Systems will be upset. They have to remove my old username from everywhere and replace it with the new GraceOfBase. 

Best way to get it done: Get married. That justifies everything.

Rejection Hurts

Step one for getting my cool new username transferred to my super admin account was certainly to activate a premium theme for free. But because I’m on mobile and there’s no chat, Jackie said I had to submit a ticket and wait four days for a response. 

It just won’t do. My quest will continue.

I’ll update on the situation regardless of the bleakness.